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Keith O'Donnell

Managing Director


Who are you?

My name is Keith O’Donnell and I set up Feynic to help founders and investors to solve problems and commercialise emerging technologies.

My Goal

My aim is to see the theoretical become tangible, profitable and sustainable. I work in partnership with clients to develop practical, realisable strategies, guiding multiple stakeholders at every step of the way, from conception through to delivery.

In my career to date, I've worked across a diverse range of industry, designed & delivered organisational change within a major Wall Street firm and established a new generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship and guidance. When I am not developing innovation frameworks, you can find me tinkering with technology that sparks my interest. And if this sparks your interest, you’ll want to talk to me.

What others say...

“His enthusiasm and vast knowledge on almost everything is the best I've come across. His ability to look at any challenge as a puzzle to solve and his can-do attitude are highly commendable.”

“Keith is such approachable and optimistic individual that he gave us the energy to find the best solution from the first meeting. With further meetings he became our advisor and helped us to strategize a desirable outcome.”

Core Disciplines

Discovering an IT generalist with the senior-level breadth and depth of technical skills necessary to understand a new project or innovatory idea is hard. Finding someone who combines this IT knowledge and experience with practical commercial, legal and financial skills and an awareness of how these all blend together to impact on business success is even harder. This is Feynic’s unique strength: we act as an intelligent interface between your passion for new business ideas and the pragmatic, at times impersonal logic of potential investors and funders (and vice versa).

Professional Skills & Innovation Advice

Design Thinking + Value Proposition + Strategic Planning

  • These work in concert, starting with the initial Design phase to create a Value Proposition that channels your enthusiasm and ideas to make the right choices to attract investors and funding. Strategic Planning then develops the project, forming the framework that underpins…

Business Development & Negotiation

  • Identifying, engaging with and nurturing new markets is essential to create awareness, interest and, of course, sales. Equally important is the cultivation of strategic partnerships with your supply chain. We’ll help you develop the negotiation and closing skills necessary to succeed in both these areas.

Technical Skills

If you are developing, or assessing, a new business proposition, you need someone who understands your technology. Feynic’s vast, broad-ranging experience gives that assurance, with specialist skills and experience including…

  • Quantum Technology - hardware design, software development, security, infrastructure and training
  • Spatial Computing - AR/VR development & prototyping
  • Distributed Ledger Technology - governance & infrastructure planning
  • Automation - design, development, value proposition & deployment
  • Machine Learning - development and integrated business intelligence systems

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